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Little Lamb BAMBOO nappies

Little Lamb BAMBOO nappies
  • Size
  • Size 1 (7-20lbs)

  • Size 2 (20-38lbs)

  • Size 3 (35lbs+)


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Quick Guide

Our Quick Guide to the Little Lamb Bamboo

Our opinion: Lovely well fitting, absorbent nappies. Great as night-time nappies. Very slow drying so a tumble drier is almost essential.
Drying time: Very slow rating
Absorbency: Very good rating
Slimness: Slim rating
Popularity: Popular despite drying issues. rating
Weight range:
  • Size 1: 7-20lbs,
  • Size 2: 20-38lbs
  • Size 3: 35lbs +
Approx Age range:
  • Size 1: birth to approx 7-8 months,
  • Size 2: approx 7-8 months through to potty training
  • Size 3: for larger babies approaching potty training. Also ideal for babies still wet at night even when potty trained during the day.
Similar Brands: Tots Bots STRETCH, Bambinex Bamboo, Flexitots,
You’ll also need: Waterproof wrap, Nappy liners,


Product Detail

Little Lamb bamboo nappies

These are lovely slim, absorbent nappies. They are very popular as night time nappies due to their absorbency. They are also ideal for those heavy wetters out there.

Bamboo is a very soft fabric - ideal for those suffering from rough towelling nappies in hard water areas.

Each nappy comes with bamboo booster. The booster is loose in the size 1 (to allow you to remove it in order to get a slimmer nappy on a newborn) and is sewn into the size 2. A;; nappies also come with a washable fleece liner.




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