Nappy buckets

Nappy pails are ideal for storing nappies prior to washing. Place a mesh bag inside them to allow easy transfer from the bucket to the washing machine.

All the brands we stock are 16 litre (larger than the standard 9 litre bucket found in many nursery stores). All have handles and lids.

  • Junior Joy are simple, straightforward buckets.
  • Tots Bots are basic but have the benefit of a locking lid
  • Bebe-jou come in a range of lovely colours with cute designs on the side. Their oval shape means they take up slightly less room in the nursery/bathroom.

If you're short on space you may consider a large waterproof bag instead. XL MonkeyFoot bags will hang on the side of a cot or the back of a door.

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Tots Bots Nappy Bucket

Tots Bots Nappy Bucket

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Lockable 16 litre nappy bucket by Tots Bots. White.

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Real Nappy Accessory Kit

Real Nappy Accessory Kit

Save with all the most useful real nappy accessories put together as a kit.