Easy Peasy Nappies

Easy Peasy nappies are great value nappies. They are fastened with a Nappi Nippa which tends to give a really good fit (so great containment) and are used with a seperate waterproof (which, again, improves containment). They tend to be reasonably bulky nappies but this gives really good absorbancy, making them great as night time nappies.

  • The Easy Peasy Bumble and Bimble (BTP) fit from birth to potty.
  • The Easypeasy Bimble is available in 3 different sizes, ideal at each stage of baby's development.
  • The EasyPeasy Bumper fits older toddlers still in nappies at a later stage.

If you're not too concerned by bulkiness, these nappies are a great option in terms of price and performance.