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XL Monkey Foot Waterproof Bags

XL Monkey Foot Waterproof Bags
  • XL Monkey Foot Waterproof Bags - large
  • Vintage Air Felix
  • Vintage Campers
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  • Vintage air felix

  • Vintage campers

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Quick Guide

Extra Large Monkey Foot wet bag

The Extra Large Monkey Foot Bag is a great alternative to the nappy bucket. t holds 12-15 cloth nappies - about the same as a 15 litre bucket.

The strap allows it to be hung from a hook or door handle.

It is also great as an overnight nappy bag, a beach bag or for swimming lessons.

See menu above for designs currently available.

Laundering and Care: Just throw the bag in with your dirty laundry (be sure to turn it inside out to make sure the soiled areas get cleaned).  You can machine dry the bags, but the ProCare will last longer if you hang dry. The fabric outside can be ironed on high / cotton - do not iron the ProCare lining.

A super-functional bag featuring...

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