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Wilkinet Baby Carrier

Wilkinet Baby Carrier
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Wilkinet Baby Carrier

The Wilkinet Baby Carrier gently cocoons a 5lb newborn baby, yet is strong enough to carry a chunky toddler.  It is extremely versatile, the newborn can be snuggled up against your body, the three-month plus baby can face outwards, and the heavier or older baby can be worn on your hip, or back.

Excellent support is provided for your baby as their weight is carried on the thighs and buttocks instead of the perineum.  Also designed to meet your comfort needs, the shoulder straps stop the baby falling forward and all the weight is transferred directly to the pelvis while, providing the waist straps are fitted low enough, it also acts as a sacro-iliac belt, helping to stabilise the sacro-iliac joints (especially important for a nursing mother, whose ligaments will tend to be lax).  Plus there are NO moving parts - an engineering tour-de-force.  That means guaranteed 100% reliability with NO maintenance!

Wilkinet Baby Carrier

Working like a wraparound shawl, but without the parent being engulfed in wide bands of cloth, it holds your baby onto and against your upper body.  The wide well-padded shoulder straps and unique wraparound method of tying ensures evenly distributed weight with no dragging on your neck, shoulders or back. Your baby is gently supported by the cushioned head, back and leg areas.

In the early weeks, when you carry your baby facing in on the front, the Wilkinet will cuddle your new baby snugly and firmly, supporting under its bottom and thighs, and providing support for his/her back and head as if being held in your arms.  There are no rings, zips, clips or buckles to fiddle about with and nothing to break and render it useless (one happy user reported using the Wilkinet for herself, friends and family for 10 babies over 12 years!).Wilkinet Baby Carrier

Available in a high quality twill weave cloth with a choice of 3 colours:

  • navy
  • black
  • blackcurrant
  • Plus an organic cotton version in chocolate. 

In addition, navy and black come in an extra large version for women size 20+ and men with a chest size of 44”+.


Take a look at the following manufacturers YouTube vidoes for guidance on using the Wilkinet:

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