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Trial - NEWBORN nappies 5% OFF

Trial - NEWBORN nappies 5% OFF

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Quick Guide

Trial Pack of newborn cloth nappies

This kit includes:

These nappies all fit from around 5-12lbs (check weight ranges on individual nappies). They provide a lovely neat fit on tiny newborn and prem babies but you should bear in mind that babies can grow out of them very quickly once they start putting on weight. Many people opt to wait until baby gets to around 10-12lbs and then use 'birth to potty' nappies instead (using disposabes for the first few weeks).

The Real Easy and Teenyfit Star are really easy to use. The Sandy's (used with a seperate waterproof wrap) is slightly more difficult to put on (as it has 2 layers) but it does give better absorbency and poo containment.

If you need further advice on which trial kit will suit you best just get in touch.