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Trial - BUMGENIUS Nappies 5% OFF

Trial - BUMGENIUS Nappies 5% OFF
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Quick Guide

Real Nappy Trial Pack: BumGenius nappies

This trial pack contains:

These 3 nappies are all 'birth to potty' nappies which fit baby from around 8-35lbs (although we often find that the nappies don't fit well until babies get to around 10-12lbs - before then they can sometimes leak). They are quick-drying (fine for those without a tumble dryer) and are oh-so easy to use - so ideal for grandparents, nursery and quick changes on days out.

Select colours from menu. If you would like specific colours please put a note on the bottom of you email and we will try our best to accommodate (subject to availability).

If you need further advice on which trial kit will suit you best just get in touch.