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Ex-demo BumGenius nappies

Ex-demo BumGenius nappies
  • Patch
  • Kiss
  • Colour
  • Albert

  • Kiss

  • Patch

  • Design
  • Elemental

  • Freetime

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Quick Guide

Ex-demo BumGenius V4 / Freetime / Elementals

We have ex-demo V4 and Bumgenius Freetime and Elemental nappies for sale:

The nappies have been used as demonstration nappies. They have been handled but not tried on or washed. They are in very near-perfect condition.


  • V4 /Freetime: £19.99 (£21.99 for limited edition prints)
  • Elemental: £19.99 (£21.99 for limited edition prints)