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BumGenius Freetime nappy

BumGenius Freetime nappy
  • Freetime instructions
  • New Countess
  • Patch
  • Colour
  • Armadillo

  • Countess

  • Fearless

  • Grasshopper

  • Hummingbird

  • Jelly

  • Kiss

  • Limited Edition ALBERT (new)

  • Mirror

  • Noodle (cream)

  • Pepper

  • Stellar

  • White

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Quick Guide

Our Quick Guide to the BumGenius FREETIME

Our opinion:

Freetime is quite possibly the easiest reusable nappy on the market. A quick drying, slim fitting, birth to potty nappy, which is very easy to use.  Fastened with poppers in a wide range of colours and designs.
Perfect for 1 child but, because they're used day-in-day-out for 2+ years, they can become a little 'tatty' and you may well need to top up with more if you have more children.

Drying time: Very quick rating
Absorbency: Good rating
Slimness: Slim rating
Popularity: Very popular rating
Weight range: Around 8-35lbs
Approx Age range: Birth through to potty training (2.5 years).
Similar Brands: BumGenius V4, Tots Bots Easyfit, FLIP
You’ll also need: Nappy liners, Bucket, Mesh
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NB. Apologies but Bumgenius products cannot be sent out to non-UK addresses.

NB. Rocking Green Cloth Nappy Detergent is not recommended for Bumgenius nappies. Please do not use this product on your BumGenius nappies.

Product Detail

BumGenius Freetime

The BumGenius Freetime is the latest addition to the BumGenius range.

It's an incredibly easy to use nappy:

  • All-in-one - so no need for seperate waterproof wraps
  • One-size - so nappies will fit from birth right through to potty training with no need for additional sizes
  • Fast-drying -micro-fibre semi-attached flaps are perfect for those preferring not to use a tumble dryer.
  • Slim fitting
  • Good absorbency
  • Stay-Dry: The top layer of absorbency is covered with a 'stay dry' layer of suedecloth, which lets moisture down into the absorbent microfibre, but not back up again - keeping baby feeling dry next to their skin.
  • Great range of colours and designs.









Care Instructions for the BumGenius Freetime

bg nappiesRemove insert from nappy. Fasten tabs to laundry tabs on inside of nappy. Wash cold, then hot (100F/40C). Use ¼ to ½ (¼for high efficiency machines, ½ in regular machines) of the manufacturer's recommended non bio washing powder. Rinse well. Tumble dry medium.


Checkout the manufacturers you-tube video on how to use Bumgenius Freetime nappies.

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