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Little Lamb Cotton Nappies

Little Lamb Cotton Nappies
  • Size
  • Size 1 (7-18lbs)

  • Size 2 (18-35lbs)


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Quick Guide

Our Quick Guide to the Little Lamb Cotton Nappies

Our opinion: Lovely well fitting, absorbent nappies. Great if you’re after natural fabrics. Faster drying then bamboo but using a tumble dryer once in a while will help keep them soft (if you have hard water)
Drying time: Average but tumble dryer will help. rating
Absorbency: Very good rating
Slimness: Average rating
Popularity: New but expected to be popular due to great price. rating
Weight range:
  • Size 1: 7-20lbs,
  • Size 2: 20-38lbs
Approx Age range:
  • Size 1: birth to approx 7-8 months,
  • Size 2: approx 7-8 months through to potty training
Similar Brands: Easy Peasy Bimble
You’ll also need: Waterproof wrap, Nappy liners,

Little Lamb Cotton nappies are made of standard cotton and are replacing the organic cotton version. They are white, soft, well fitting and very absorbent.

They are reasonably quick-drying (quicker then bamboo) but, like bathroom towels, they can become rough over time in hard-water areas, so a 'fluff-up' in a tumble dryer will help soften things up once in a while.

Little Lamb nappies are also available in Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Microfibre.



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