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Lavender oil (25ml)

Lavender oil 	(25ml)
  • Lavender oil 	(25ml) - large

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Lavender Oil (25ml)

Lavender oil has a wide range of uses including:

Nappy sanitiser: lavender oil is 100% natural and its antiseptic properties make it ideal for sanitising nappies. Add 5 drops to a bucket of water. For best results change solution daily.

First aid:This oil is also first choice for the first aid kit as it is excellent for cleansing wounds and promoting healing. Use for bruises, burns, cuts, insect bites, headaches, etc. Add 1 drop to 15ml of water and dab onto affected area.

Relaxation: We find that a few drops in a warm bath is great for relaxing both baby and parents! 

NB. Please note that this is a pure essential oil and should not be used undiluted on the skin, or taken internally. Occasionally babies may be sensitive to them (when used for soaking nappies) so use with caution initially. Do not use if pregnant, epileptic or suffering high blood pressure. If in any doubt, seek the advice of a professional aromatherapist.

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