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FLIP 'stay-dry' Nappy Kit. 10% OFF

FLIP 'stay-dry' Nappy Kit. 10% OFF
  • FLIP nappies in a range of colours
  • Stay-dry inserts
  • Flushable nappy liners
  • White drawstring wet bag
  • Upgrade to zippered MonkeyFoot wet bag?
  • Mesh bag to go in bucket
  • Bucket
  • Washable wipes
  • Design
  • Poppers

  • Size
  • Kit with basic white wet bag

  • Upgrade to MonkeyFoot wet bag

from £196.62

SAVE £22.75 – (RRP £219.37)


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Quick Guide

FLIP Stay-dry birth to potty

This FLIP reusable nappy starter kit can be sent out to you with free next day delivery.

Note on ORGANIC inserts: FLIP nappies are also available with ORGANIC inserts. If you would prefer a mix of stay-dry and organic inserts please contact us and we will happily provide you with a customised kit.


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