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Trial FLIP nappy with 4 mixed inserts

Trial FLIP nappy with 4 mixed inserts
  • Colour
  • Boy coloured wrap

  • Bright unisex wrap

  • Girl coloured wrap

  • Pale unisex wrap



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Quick Guide

FLIP nappy trial kit

This FLIP trial kit allows you to try out all the FLIP insert options to get a feel for the differences in absorbency, bulkiness, drying times etc.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x FLIP wrap
  • 1 x FLIP stay-dry insert
  • 1 x organic daytime insert
  • 1 organic night time insert
  • 1 disposable insert

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Product Detail

FLIP nappies

Here’s how the FLIP works:

Flip has been designed to be really simple. 

  • Adjust the one size cover to the size you require.  This is really easy, just use the snaps - the sizing is similar to that of the bumGenius One Size however some customers claim that Flip offers a better fit! 
  • Pick your insert - Flip Stay Dry, Flip Organic or Flip Disposable - simply tuck the insert in under the contour flaps at each end.  No need to fuss, the generous room makes it really easy to just pop the insert in. 
  • Put on baby and snap the poppers to close.

The FLIP one-size cover is a waterproof shell with adjustable sizing poppers on the front allowing it to be used from birth through to potty training. With a quick wipe the cover can be used over and over again. 

Moonbeam in large setting     Zinnia in medium setting    Ribbit in small setting

  • The FLIP stay dry insert is made of 3 absorbent layers of microfibre and a soft fleece top layer that wicks moisture away from your baby’s bum, keeping it dryer longer. It has a simple fold at the end which can be adjusted according to the size of baby.  The stay dry pads are perfect for those in need of a fast drying option.
  • Organic FLIP inserts are available in 2 thicknesses - the dayime pad and the night time pad. The night time pad is bulkier but the most absorbent option.
  • FLIP disposable inserts are ideal for holidays and nights away.

Great value

Because the waterproof cover can be re-used a few times before washing, you can make do with 5-6 covers and 16-18 inserts. This is generally sufficient to see baby from (pretty much) birth, right through to potty training - great value!

Washing Instructions

Wash at 40 degrees, line dry cover, tumble dry insert. No laundry additives or softeners.



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