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Fitted Mattress Protectors by Hippychick

Fitted Mattress Protectors by Hippychick
  • Size
  • Cot

  • Cot bed

  • Double

  • King size

  • Single

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Hippychick fitted bed protectors


  • Cot 60 x 120cm
  • Cot bed 70 x 140cm
  • Single 90 x 190cm
  • Double 140 190cm
  • King size 150 x 200cm

Our opinion: these are lovely soft mattress protectors, comfortable and non-crackly. Perfect to protect the bed from baby's wetness and also ideal on your double / kingsize bed when breastfeeding baby.

Hippychick says: The Hippychick Mattress Protectors are high quality, discreet and 100% waterproof, and they have to be seen and touched to be believed.  Feeling the soft cotton it is difficult to see how something that feels so luxurious can be so practical.

They take a much needed, but also much maligned, product and transform it into a comfortable, soft, undetectable piece of bedding. They are soft, breathable, absorbent and waterproof – a great natural alternative to sweaty plastic undersheets.  The undetectable layer of polyurethane makes these protectors 100% waterproof without the awful feeling of lying on, or being sandwiched between, a crisp packet!

Gone are the sweaty, rustling plastic sheets that so many parents and children dread and in their place is an ultra soft, breathable protector made from pure brushed cotton.

Importantly, the discreet, undetectable layer of polyurethane that makes the protectors 100% waterproof also acts as an anti-allergy barrier.  It protects against dust mites, a major cause of two increasingly common childhood conditions – asthma and hayfever.

On top of all these very special features the Hippychick Mattress Protector range has the coveted endorsement from ERIC, the childhood continence charity.

Key features:

  • Pure brushed cotton
  • 100% waterproof, breathable poyurethane layer
  • soft, absorbent, comfortable and discreet
  • Anti allergy barrier - protects against dustmites which are a major cause of hayfever and asthma
  • Machine washable at 60 degrees
  • Tumble or line dry
  • Oeko -Tex Standard 100 (Class 1 - especially for babies)
  • Made in Europe

Available in 5 sizes


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