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Easy Peasy Bumble / Bimble (birth to potty version)

Easy Peasy Bumble / Bimble (birth to potty version)
  • Easy Peasy Bumble / Bimble (birth to potty version) - large
  • Colour
  • White

  • White (no inner fleece)

  • Design
  • Bimble

  • Bimble (with poppers)

  • Bumble

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Quick Guide

Quick Guide to the EasyPeasy Bumble / Bimble (birth-potty nappy)

Our opinion: Great value birth to potty nappy. The Bimble is slightly less bulky than the Bumble but still quite bulky on newborns. Fantastic in terms of containment - very few leaks! Great as nightime nappies. Fitted with a Nappi Nippa for a really good fit. If you’re not too concerned by bulk, this is a fabulous nappy. Needs a seperate waterproof wrap. NB. The Bimble comes as standard with a fleece layer against baby's skin; it is, however, also available without the fleece for those wanting a more natural fabric.
Drying time: Quite easy to dry (but it helps to have a tumble dryer as back-up). rating
Absorbency: Very good rating
Slimness: Quite bulky on newborns rating
Popularity: Popular (especailly at night) rating
Weight range: 10-35lbs
Approx Age range: Birth through to potty training - but very bulky on babies under 10-12lbs.
For newborns try the Bimble size 1  (birth to 20lbs)
Similar Brands: Slower drying Tots Bots Stretch
You’ll also need: Waterproof wrap, Nappi Nippas,


NB. This nappy requires a Nappi Nippa to fasten it and a seperate waterproof wrap. We'd recommend the Motherease Airflow wrap. You'll need around 1 wrap to every 3-4 nappies. When changing the nappy, the waterproof wrap often comes off clean so can be used again for a few more nappies (wash the wrap if it has poo on it or when it becomes a bit smelly!)

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