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Easy Peasy Bimble: size 1 newborn up to 18lbs

Easy Peasy Bimble: size 1 newborn up to 18lbs
  • Easy Peasy Bimble: size 1 newborn up to 18lbs - large
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Quick Guide

Easy Peasy Bimble size 1 - our quick guide

Our opinion:

The Bimble is a lovely soft, white, fleece-lined nappy, ideal for newborns. Great in combination with the larger Easy Peasy Bumble; while the Bumble can be quite bulky on newborn this provides a slimmer, neater look in the early months.
Fitted with a 'Nappi Nippa', it gives a really good fit and thus fantastic containment - very few leaks! Requires a waterproof wrap. (Don't be put of by the Nappi Nippa - it really does give a great fit!)

Drying time: Quite easy to dry (but it helps to have a tumble dryer as back-up). rating
Absorbency: Very good rating
Slimness: A little bulky on newborns rating
Popularity: Popular  - lovely soft nappy rating
Weight range: 8-18lbs
Approx Age range: Birth through to around 6-8 months.
Similar Brands: Slower drying Tots Bots Stretch
You’ll also need: Waterproof wrap, Nappi Nippas,

Terry towelling outer. Fleece inner layer.

NB. This nappy requires a Nappi Nippa to fasten it and a seperate waterproof wrap. We'd recommend the Motherease Airflow wrap. You'll need around 1 wrap to every 3-4 nappies. When changing the nappy, the waterproof wrap often comes off clean so can be used again for a few more nappies (wash the wrap if it has poo on it or when it becomes a bit smelly!)


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