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Easy Peasy Bimble Kit. Save 10%

Easy Peasy Bimble Kit. Save 10%
  • Bumble / Bimble
  • Motherease Airflow wrap
  • Pack of 3 Nappi Nippas
  • Flushable nappy liners
  • Mesh bag to go in bucket
  • Bucket
  • Basic wetbag
  • Monkeyfoot wetbag
  • Washable wipes
  • Design
  • Bimble birth to potty

  • Bimble size 1 (6-18lbs)

  • Bimble size 2 (18-35lbs)

  • Size
  • Basic drawstring wet bag

  • Upgrade to Monkeyfoot wet bag

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SAVE £19.40 – (RRP £193.99)


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Quick Guide

Easy Peasy Bumble / Bimble Birth to Potty Kit

This bumGenius reusable nappy starter kit can be sent out to you with next day delivery.

* Wraps: Please e-mail with your preferred designs.  Please also let us know if you would prefer medium or large wraps as opposed to the small.
** Please e-mail regarding prefered colour of wetbag (monkey foot wet bag only).

What is the difference between the Bimble and the Bumble?

The nappies are the same in terms of absorbency and fit. Both are fastened with a Nappi Nippa. The only difference is related to how the nappies are sewn - as such the Bimble is ever-so-slightly slimmer fitting than the Bumble.

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