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Cheekywipes 100% cotton Muslins

Cheekywipes 100% cotton Muslins
  • Rainbow
  • White
  • Rainbow

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Quick Guide

100% cotton muslins by Cheekywipes

Order your muslins direct from Cheekywipes here.

These large 70x70cm cotton muslins are ideal for:

  • newborn nappies used with a nappy nippa and waterproof wrap
  • swaddling a small baby
  • breastfeeding cover up
  • clearing up spilled drinks
  • emergency bibs

Available in 5 pack of white or rainbow pack of orange, pink, turquoise, lime and purple.

Wash like colours together (white with whites, rainbow muslins with coloured clothes).

White muslins can be washed to 60c, coloured muslins to 40c.