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BUMPSTERS Cot bar bumpers

BUMPSTERS Cot bar bumpers
  • BUMPSTERS Cot bar bumpers - large
  • Multicoloured
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Stone
  • Colour
  • Blue

  • Multi-coloured

  • Pink

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Quick Guide

Bumpsters - padding for cot bars

These innovative padded bumpers wrap individually around the bars of a cot. They soften hard edges and protect little ones from bangs and bumps, whilst still allowing air to circulate.

Made from 100% cotton and with no dangerous ties or large expanses of fabric, Bumpsters Cot Bar Bumpers simply attach securely with Velcro. Active sleepers are often at risk from banging themselves; protecting against this can aid a better night’s sleep for both parent and child.

Extremely versatile, Bumpsters Cot Bar Bumpers can be arranged in a number of different of ways to see your child through the whole stage of cot sleeping, from newborn to toddler. They are also very portable, and are ideal for every day home use as well as for overnight stays or holidays.

Bumpsters Cot Bar Bumpers come in a variety of colours and stylish patterns to enhance any nursery.


The Small pack contains 8 Bumpsters (21 cms x 31 cms) in assorted spots and stripes patterns, available in pink or blue. They will wrap around 2 poles or bars 2cms or narrower in width, or around 1 bar 5 cms or more in width.

The Large pack contains 6 Bumpsters (21 cms x 39 cms ) also available in pink or blue. They will fit around 2 bars between 2 cms and 5 cms

Handmade in the UK.


Here's a video on the Bumpster cot bumpers.

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