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BumGenius Littles Newborn Nappy 10% OFF

BumGenius Littles Newborn Nappy 10% OFF
  • Features
  • Grasshopper
  • Jelly
  • White
  • Mirror
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  • Grasshopper

  • Jelly

  • Mirror

  • White


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Quick Guide

Our Quick Guide to BumGenius Littles newborn nappies

Our opinion: The BumGenius XS 'Littles' are a slim fitting nappy for your newborn baby. Reasonably quick drying and incredibly easy to use. They are lovely and neat on newborns but some babies grow out of them very quickly (sometimes within a few months) so bear this in mind if you're on a budget. Try using the xsmall size for a neat newborn nappy then move over to the bumGenius V5 or BumGenius Freetime to get you through to potty training.
Drying time: Quite quick rating
Absorbency: Good rating
Slimness: Very slim rating
Popularity: New but expected to be popular as teeny-tiny newborn nappy. Then switch to the bumGenius V5 rating
Weight range: XSmall - 6-12lbs
Approx Age range: Newborn / premmy through to approx 3-4 months
Similar Brands: Teenyfit, Easy Peasy Bimble
You’ll also need: Nappy liners, Bucket, Mesh


Product Detail

BumGenius Littles All-In-One cloth nappies for newborns

The closest thing to disposables.

Extra Small: 6-12lbs

This is intended for a newborn and fits low, below the navel, to keep the umbilical area dry. This nappy is designed to fit during that itty-bitty newborn stage.

When baby grows out of the Bumgenius Newborn, move up to the BumGenius V5 which will fit most babies through to potty training.

It really is as easy to use as a disposable. Put it on your baby, wash, dry and re-use. No extra steps. No folding. No stuffing. No seperate cover required.


  • Stay-dry lining is super soft and wicks moisture away from delicate skin
  • Proprietary elastic designed specifically for cloth diapers
  • Super-absorbent microfiber core
  • Waterproof outer cover prevents leaks
  • Accessible, replaceable, gentle elastic
  • Quick, convenient, hook & loop (velcro-like) closure
  • Fits low, below navel to keep umbilical area dry
  • Trim, snug and comfortable stretchy tabs provide a custom fit

Made In: USA

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification indicates that bumGenius diapers have been stringently tested and are free from harmful or problematic substances.

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