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bumGenius Babylegs 50% off

bumGenius Babylegs 50% off
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Quick Guide

BabyLegs baby leg warmers

bumGenius and Babylegs have partnered to bring a custom line of Babylegs to the bumGenius product line. These are authentic Babylegs with the bumGenius logo on one side, the Babylegs logo on the other side and the gold stitching on the inside.

bumGenius Babylegs are fun accessories for every baby’s wardrobe. Designed to coordinate with bumGenius nappies, mix and match styles to jazz up any outfit. Protects little crawling knees and makes diaper changes a breeze!

Soft and stretchy design fits most babies up to age two.

Baby Legs are soft stretchy leg warmers for babies and children which making nappy changing a breeze! Babylegs are the perfect solution for moms, like us, who hate the hassle of putting tights on babies – especially when it comes to changing nappies!

BumGenius Baby Legs will also soft knees from harsh surfaces, so perfect for when babies start to crawl or when toddlers take tumbles. Also, when babies do start walking, babylegs will keep their legs warm but allow their feet to keep their grip, helping babies to steady themselves without slippy shoes on.
BumGenius baby leg warmers will keep babies and toddlers legs warm all year around, and will also provide light weight sun protection. Put them under trousers in the winter to provide an extra layer of warmth, or indeed on babies arms for extra warm layers.

BumGenius BabyLegs will also help with potty training as toddlers do not need to cope with pulling down trousers or tights as they rush to the potty!

Feet remain free to allow for successful crawling, walking and dancing. Little girls will have fun playing dress-up and little boys will love pretending that they are pirates! BabyLegs also help keep baby socks on! They fit most kids from newborns to size 10 so you can be guaranteed lots of fun for your little ones for a long time. They’re great to use as arm warmers too!
BabyLegs are made with a very soft blend of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% spandex.