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Bambinex bamboo cloth nappies (with velcro) 20% OFF

Bambinex bamboo cloth nappies (with velcro) 20% OFF
  • Colour
  • Natural

  • Size
  • Size 1 (6-18lbs)

  • Size 2 (18-35lbs)


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Quick Guide

Our Quick Guide to Bambinex Bamboo

Our opinion: Lovely slim fitting, absorbent nappies. Great if you’re after natural fabrics, but they are slow drying so a tumble drier is almost essential. 
Drying time: Slow rating
Absorbency: Very good rating
Slimness: Slim rating
Popularity: Good if you have a tumble dryer rating
Weight range: Size 1: 6-18lbs, Size 2: 18-35lbs
Approx Age range: Size 1: birth to approx 7-8 months,
Size 2: approx 7-8 months through to potty
Similar Brands: Tots Bots Stretch
You’ll also need: Waterproof wrap, Nappy liners, Bucket


Product Detail

Bambinex Bamboo nappies with velcro fastenings 

The Bambinex Bamboo cloth nappies are lovely soft,  slim fitting nappies - indeed slimmer than other bamboo nappies on the market. Nappies include a loose booster pad, which can be seperated for quicker drying time.

Bambinex bamboo nappies are:

  • very absorbent - up to 60% more absorbent than cotton
  • great for night-time use
  • naturally antibacterial
  • made of bamboo - an eco-friendly, highly sustainable crop

Available in Sizes:

  • Size 1: 6 -18lbs
  • Size 2: 18-35lbs

Only available in natural (a light cream colour).

Fastened with velcro

The Bambinex fitted nappy requires a waterproof wrap - we recommend Motherease Airflow.

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