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'Teething Bling' necklaces 10% OFF

'Teething Bling' necklaces 10% OFF
  • Brown snowflake
  • Turquoise
  • Malachite
  • Cotton Candy
  • Colour
  • Brown Snowflake

  • Cotton Candy Blue

  • Malachite

  • Turquoise


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Teething Bling pendant necklaces 10% OFF

’Teething Bling’ necklacesWhen we have young children we tend to give up wearing jewellrey - we all know how little ones tend to tug and chew on our favorite necklaces - not just damaging it, but potentially chocking on it.

Teething Bling necklaces solve this problem.

Made from the same material as most teething toys, they look great on mum but are safe for baby to handle and chew.

Pendants are 2x2" speckled donut shapes hanging on a black, silky cord with breakaway clasp.

Teething Bling products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free, and all come with a breakaway clasp as an added safely measure. They also carry the very important CE trademark which means they meet strict safety standards. Teething Bling have been through 4 years of rigorous safety teasting and safety reports are available upon request.

Pendants come in a vast range of colours and are perfect as new baby and christening presents for mum.


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  • Can I leave Teething Bling alone with my child? You should never leave your baby alone with Teething Bling, Teething Bling is meant for adults to wear and not babies.
  • How can I be sure Teething Bling is safe? Our committment to safety is paramount,  we endured 4 years of rigorous testing in the US. Safety reports are readily available upon request. We also carry the CE Certification which means we have met strict and stringent stafety standards in Europe
  • Can you wash or sterilize teething bling? You can wash teething bling and it is dishwasher friendly too, however it is not suitable to sterilize teething bling.
  • Where are safety reports kept on Teething Bling? Safety reports are available via e-mail.
  • Is Teething bling certified in Europe and the UK? Yes we carry the CE Certification for Europe which includes the UK. What is the breakaway clasp for? If your baby pulls too hard the clasp will release itself for added safety.
  • How long will my Pendant and Bangle last? Teething Bling is specifically designed for use with babies and are therefore extremely durable. If you care for your product in the right way, you can hand this down to future generations.