Using Real Nappies at Nursery
Talking to parents, we find that most nurseries and childminders are now quite happy to use cloth nappies but here are our top tips on how to succeed:… Read more »
Sunday, 10th June 2018
Off on holiday? Can you continue using washable nappies?
Well it very much depends on where you’re going and how long you’re going for.… Read more »
Saturday, 9th June 2018
Washing Cloth Nappies
There is, sadly, still the belief that washing real nappies is a major chore. For past generations washing cloth nappies tended to mean soaking in bleach, boiling on the hob… Read more »
Tuesday, 15th May 2018
Antenatal Classes & Reusable Nappies
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Thursday, 3rd May 2018
FATBERGS - what can I do to prevent adding to the problem?
There has been a lot of publicity in recent months about 'Fatbergs'.… Read more »
Tuesday, 1st May 2018
Washable Baby Wipes - a no-brainer!
If you're already using reusable nappies, using washable baby wipes is, in our opinion, a complete no-brainer!!… Read more »
Sunday, 29th April 2018
FREE independent advice on real nappies
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Saturday, 28th April 2018
See our Real Nappy Week disounts for 2018 here.… Read more »
Sunday, 22nd April 2018
All-in-one, All-in-two, Pocket Nappies, Two-Part Nappies – what are the differences?
Two-part nappies… Read more »
Wednesday, 18th April 2018
Using cloth nappies at night
Here at Lizzie’s Real Nappies we get a lot of questions about using real nappies at night and how to provide enough absorbency to see baby through until morning.… Read more »
Friday, 13th April 2018
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