Money Saving Expert discusses reusable nappies
Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, compares cloth nappies with disposables and points out how some local councils give cash incentives to encourage parents to give them a go.… Read more »
Wednesday, 14th June 2017
Real Nappy Week 2017
For Real Nappy Week 2017 Lizzie's Real Nappies are concentrating on giving advice to people who are new to cloth nappies.… Read more »
Tuesday, 18th April 2017
Advice from Tots Bots
Making them last…… Read more »
Monday, 29th August 2016
Real Nappy Week 2016 Special Offers
Here is a list of our special offers:… Read more »
Monday, 18th April 2016
Real Nappy Week 2015 Special Offers
Here is a list of our special offers:… Read more »
Sunday, 19th April 2015
Should I use reusable baby wipes?
Read more »
Friday, 13th March 2015
BLACK FRIDAY real nappy offers 2017
We have a range of offers on real nappies for Black Friday.… Read more »
Friday, 28th November 2014
BumGenius Spence and Marie
We now have a very limited number of these limited edition prints in stock but couldn't decide how to make a fair system for you to get your hands on… Read more »
Thursday, 4th September 2014
BumGenius V4 in new colours
Our bestselling nappy, the Bumgenius V4, is now available in 2 new colours:… Read more »
Monday, 12th May 2014
Real Nappy Week 2014 Competition
Lizzie's Real Nappies are celebrating Real Nappy Week 2014 by giving away some of our best selling cloth nappies. We will be giving away a total of 3 nappies (one… Read more »
Monday, 28th April 2014
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