Our Environmental Policy

As a business, Lizzie’s Real Nappies strives to minimise its effect on the environment.

  • All our paper is recycled
  • We always used recycled paper
  • Ink cartridges are refilled
  • Parcels are sent out either in recycled plastic bags or, where possible, reused cardboard boxes - don’t be suprised if your order turns up in a crisp box!


How do I recycle my old nappies?

Lizzie’s Real Nappies supports Rescue Mersy Trust, a baby rescue centre in Kitale, Kenya. The centre provides care, love and support for up to 20 babies who have been abandonned or orphaned. The Trust aims to provide long term loving homes for the babies. If you have nappies which you no longer need and wish to donate to the centre please contact us - they are always very grateful! You simply send your nappies to an address in Cornwall from where they are transported to Kenya.

If you’re trying to sell your nappies try www.usednappies.co.uk

If you’re happy to give them away to another local family try Freecycle.