Training pants

Washable training pants are ideal when potty training. They soak up dribbles to help toddlers move from nappies into grown up pants. For more absorbency see our bedwetting section.

We stock training pants by Motherease, Charlie Banana, Blueberry, Pop-In and Tots Bots. Apart from the more absorbent Motherease Big Kids, they are very similar and come in lovely grown up designs.

The FLIP training pants come with 1 waterproof cover and 3 pads. This gives, in effect, 3 pants in 1. You can use 1 pad per nappy change or double up the pads for extra absorbency. A really flexible option. They can be pulled up and down as required by your little one, but have poppers on the sides which can be used when you need a bigger clean-up!

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