Tots Bots Nappies

Tots Bots make a very popular range of reusable nappies.

  • The most popular are the Tots Bots Easyfits. These are all-in-one birth to potty nappies which are easy to use, easy to dry nappies.
  • Teenyfits are very similar to the Easyfits but have been designed for teeny newborns. They won't last too long but they are oh-so-cute on little ones.
  • The Bamboozle Stretch are lovely soft, slim fitting nappies made of bamboo. They are used with a waterproof wrap and are great as night time nappies.


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STRETCH Bamboozle by Tots Bots

STRETCH Bamboozle by Tots Bots

Tots Bots STRETCH. Lovely award winning soft stretchy bamboo nappy - giving a lovely fit. Very absorbent - ideal for night times.