Night-time nappy

Many older babies need specific night time nappies to give enough abosrbency to get through the night. The best solution to this is to use an highly absorbent nappy in combination with a good quality wrap- a 'two-part nappy'. Some babies will get through the night using all-in-one style nappies but most don't - a two-part nappy will perform much better.

Step 1: use a highly absorbent nappy eg. Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch, Easy Peasy Bimble, Wizard Duo (with night insert)

Step 2: use a quality waterproof wrap eg. Motherease Airfow or Rikki

Step 3: some babies may require an additional hemp or triple bamboo booster

Please note that most of these nappies will be slow drying so you may need to use a tumble dryer. The quickest drying of these options is the EasyPeasy Bimble.

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Easy Peasy Bumble / Bimble (birth to potty version)

Easy Peasy Bumble / Bimble (birth to potty version)

The Bimble birth to potty nappy is slightly less bulky than the Bumble yet still fits from around 10-35lbs. The Bimble comes as standard with a fleece layer against baby's skin; it is, however, also available without the fleece for those wanting a more natural fabric.