Night-time nappy

Looking for cloth nappies that will see baby through the night?

Some washable nappies can struggle when it comes to getting an older baby through the night and it can often makes sense to get some more absorbent nappies especially for night times.

  • The Easy Peasy Bumble is probably the most absorbent nappy, as well as bamboo nappies such as the Tots Bots Stretch and Little Lamb Bamboo. All these nappies require a seperate waterproof wrap.
  • If you're after an all-in-one style nappy take a look at the Pop-In Bamboo and BumGenius Elemental.
  • If you need further absorbency try adding an extra booster pad to your existing nappy.

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Little Lamb BAMBOO nappies

Little Lamb BAMBOO nappies

Highly absorbent bamboo nappies by Little Lamb in 3 sizes. New 2017 design ( with plastic labels)