Night-time pull-up pants

It is common for toddlers and children, who have potty trained during the day, to stay wet at night for a while after, sometimes years. It's a difficult time because children need a lot of absorbency to see them through the night, but this can make the nappies/pants quite bulky.

It's also a time when toddlers want to move on from 'nappies' into something a little more 'grown-up'. They also need something that can be pulled up and down to give them independence. This is especially important for older children looking for night time absorbency during sleepovers, school trips etc where they want the pants to be as subtle as possible.

We stock a range of night time nappies. They generally perform reasonably well, but people tend to love them or hate them - it often comes down to whether your child likes the look of them or not.

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Bedwetter Pants by Motherease

Bedwetter Pants by Motherease

Nightime pants to help toddlers through the night.