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Want tiny little nappies for a newborn or premature baby? These newborn nappies will fit from around 5-6lbs. Bear in mind that although they fit tiny babies beautifully, baby will probably grow out of them within 6 months and you'll need to move on to larger nappies.

Ideal as a present for a newborn baby!

  • Tots Bots Teenyfit and Bumgenius Newborn are the neatest little nappies on the market. They're very slim, very easy to use and quick-drying
  • Easypeasy Bimbles and Tots Bots Stetch (size 1) are a little bulkier and they require a seperate waterproof cover, but they are fantastic in terms of absorbancy and poo containment.

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BumGenius Littles Newborn Nappy 10% OFF

BumGenius Littles Newborn Nappy 10% OFF

Looking for a reusable nappy perfect for tiny newborns? BumGenius Littles are very easy to use and perfect for little newborns (6-12lbs).