Natural & organic nappies

Real nappies made of natural fabrics (cotton, organic cotton, terry towelling or bamboo) are generally quite difficult to dry. If you don't have a tumble dryer (or want to minimise its use) we'd suggest you consider the quick-drying man-made fabrics.

  • BumGenius Elemental and FLIP organic are the quickest drying natural fabric nappies
  • as well as those above, try the Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch for a slim-fitting nappy
  • you'll get the best containment from The Tots Bots Stretch and Little Lamb nappies (used with a seperate waterproof wrap)
  • on a budget? Try the terry squares, Econobum or FLIP

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BumGenius Elemental Organic One-size Nappy

BumGenius Elemental Organic One-size Nappy

Great as a night time nappy, the Bumgenius Elemental are perfect for parents wanting a nappy which fits from birth to potty and has organic inserts. Like all BumGenius nappies, the Bumgenius Organic is very quick & easy to use. Slow drying.