FLIP nappies

FLIP reusable nappies provide a great value, adaptable option for parents wanting to use cloth nappies. You'll only need around 1 cover for every 3 insets so they work out cheaper than other all-in-one-type nappies.

Choose a waterproof outer wrap (popper or velcro fastening), then choose either:

  • FLIP 'stay-dry' inserts - slim and quick-drying
  • FLIP Organic inserts - bulkier and slower drying but more absorbent for night-times

FLIP disposable inserts are available for days out & holidays.

FLIP day packs give further great value.

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Trial - FLIP wrap & 4 inserts 5% OFF

Trial - FLIP wrap & 4 inserts 5% OFF

Great if you want: great value, easy to use, quick-drying nappies. Try the full range of inserts in the FLIP nappy system: stay-dry, organic daytime, organic night time and disposable with a FLIP wrap (you can also opt to add a slim newborn insert).