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BumGenius are our bestselling range of reusable nappies, but how do you choose between the V5, Freetime, Elemental and newborn Littles?

  • The V5 is the most adaptable in terms of slimness and absorbency so, despite being a birth to potty nappy it can fit quite neatly from around 10lbs.
  • The Freetime is the easiest to use but you can't remove inserts to allow for a slimmer fit on a newborn.
  • The Elemetal has organic inserts. It's the slimmest of the birth to potty nappies, it's also very easy to use but is slower drying.
  • The 'Littles' are lovely neat newborn nappies which will fit from preterm up to around 12lbs. It won't last long but is very sweet.

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BULK OFFERS on bumGenius V5 or Freetime

BULK OFFERS on bumGenius V5 or Freetime

BumGenius V5 and BumGenius Freetime birth to potty nappies. Discounts on packs of 5, 10 or 20 nappies